Pet Friendly

If you are looking for a pet friendly bed and breakfast in the Lexington, VA area you are at the right place!  And the Teter-Wood Room is perfect for both you and your pet!

Though the Hummingbird Inn does not have pets of its own ( don’t let Raoul hear me say that ) we are definitely pet friendly, welcoming your canine and feline companions to the Teter-Wood Room…even played host to a fish once!

Your pet will have direct outside access from the Teter-Wood Room to the over one acre of lawns that make up the Hummingbird Inn property.  They can run, play catch, or even take an easy visit to Mill Creek.

But wait…there is more.  Each pet visiting the Hummingbird Inn is provided with a guest basket to use during their stay, that includes bowls for water or food, doggie placemat, special towel and rug, clean-up bags plus nite-time doggie reading books (you have to read them, we don’t expect your dog to read to him/herself).



We do have a few rules though….

  1. The Teter-Wood Room is our designated pet-friendly accommodation.
  2. Owners shall control dogs at all times while on the property.
  3. Dogs shall not be left alone, uncaged, in rooms except during breakfast.
  4. Dogs shall not be allowed to roam through the house without their masters.  Please no dogs allowed in the kitchen or dining room during meals.
  5. Dogs shall not be permitted to lie on furniture or bedding.
  6. Owners shall prevent excessive barking.
  7. Owners shall clean up dog deposits on property.
  8. Owners shall report any accidents promptly.
  9. Your pet is not aggressive; up to date with vaccinations and is well socialized with other animals and other people.
  10. Your pet is free of ticks and fleas.
  11. You will keep your pet off of ALL furniture, including the bed, and chairs.  $100 cleaning penalty will be assessed for rooms that require excessive cleaning due to stained bedspreads, etc.
  12. You will clean off your pet if he/she is wet or dirty, using the towel provided before letting them in the room.
  13. You will assume financial responsibility for any damage caused by your pet during your stay.
  14. Contact the Innkeepers if you have any questions.

So when next you travel with your pet into the Shenandoah Valley, nearby to Lexington, VA, stay at the pet friendly Hummingbird Inn in Goshen.  (Rated 5 Barks)