About Us

Dateline: June 29, 2015
Sandra and Jeff Shaffer are the new Innkeepers at the Hummingbird Inn!

After 22 years of B&B stays and a passion to one day have our own, we decided to live our dream.  An amazing stay at a Provincial B&B in the Luberon Valley during the summer of 2014 spoke to our hearts.  It was time.

When we arrived in the Shenandoah Valley and saw the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, we thought of Provence and agreed this would be our new home.  The first visit was in February 2015 and we experienced a breathtaking 14 inches of fresh snowfall on the glorious Historic Hummingbird Inn.  Missing the 4 seasons of our childhood, the snowfall clenched the deal.Jeff and Sandra visit the Shenandoah for the first time!

Born and raised in Ohio, we have spent most of our lives in Texas where we met, and also met life-long friends.  Texas was good to us, providing abundant opportunity as we made our living taking care of others.  Jeff, a General Contractor and Cabinetmaker by trade, has built many families their dream kitchen, bathroom, remodeled home.  Sandra, a natural leader and event planner, spent her last 10 years in Hospitality as a House Manager for a Private Family and a Spa Manager taking care of Houston’s affluent.  Together, we share a love for Historic Homes, Food, Wine and Travel.

It was a prosperous first summer and fall season.  We find the guests are the best part of running an Inn. You are fun, happy and so appreciative of the guest experience we create for you. This Historic Inn located in the spectacular Shenandoah Valley, with amazing beauty in ALL directions, is like a piece of Heaven – a wonderful place to call our home.

Shaffers in GoshenWe invite you; welcome you and most importantly look forward to serving you.  Stay as little or as long as you like and hopefully you’ll be back again – if you’re destined to.  After all, it’s about you!

We enjoy pleasing others; it’s who we are…

Jeff & Sandra Shaffer