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It was a Saturday like any Saturday at the Hummingbird Inn, a Lexington VA area bed and breakfast.  Breakfast was done, dishes were washed, and the guests were otherwise occupied.  So we decided to hit the road, and see what we could see on a beautiful day in the Shenandoah Valley.

First stop was the 5th Annual Irish-Scots Festival. 

A gathering of the clans, with music, food and the throwing of telephone poles…well they looked that big.  Bought a couple of gifts for the grandkids, listened to the drum and bagpipers, and declined to participate in what could have been a casting call for Braveheart….complete with swords!!  Time to go.

Next stop was a short drive over the Maury River to Buena Vista.  There, on Magnolia Street in the heart of downtown, sits Franks for the Memories

You guessed it….hot dogs.  For those of you who don’t know Patty that well, hot dogs are one of her favorites…used to own stock in der Weinershcnitzel!  With over 30 kinds of toppings, it is almost unheard of to order a dog with everything…and we did not tempt the fates.  A little chili, a little cheese, some slaw…oh, and don’t forget the root beer float.  Full now.

After lunch, we set out to find Lake Robertson.  We had seen the signs, posted strategically along several of the roads we travel regularly….each one seemingly pointing in a different direction!  How do they do that?  Anyway, after a brief 11 miles, we were there. 

Beautiful for fishing and boating…has a campground, picnic tables and a playground.  Drove down to the boat ramp, and then remembered we had left our amphibious car back at the Hummingbird Inn, so just sat a while and looked at the water.

Headed home in a different direction.  Drove the same road, twice.  Finally found scenery that looked somewhat familiar, and were able to make it back to Goshen without any further excitement.

What a wonderful Saturday.  Too bad there is only one in every week.  Next time you wonder what there is to do at the Hummingbird Inn….think plenty.

Talk again soon.

Patty and Dan

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