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What with Patty’s children all on the other coast, we thought it would be nice to spend the day with at a celebration for all mothers.  EarthArt. 

Earthart Earthart – Mother’s Day 2010 Lexington VA 
Held at Boxerwood Gardens   in Lexington VA, a pleasant Sunday drive into town from the Hummingbird Inn
Spread out over 30 acres, Boxerwood Gardens is the result of one man’s vision that has grown into a learning place for all.
 Music, and food, and plants….lots of plants.  Fun for the kids and a learing experience to boot.
Earthart 2010
Music in the air
Mother’s Day 2010 Lexington VA

  We even won a silent auction item!!

  After that we headed for a short ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway near Buena Vista VA

 got on in Buena Vista, and headed south for a bit towards Roanoake. Beautiful drive.  Can’t wait til Fall. Ended the day with a movie….Ironman 2.  So so.  

 You missed a fun day….maybe next year.  Remember, that Boxerwood is open every day during daylight hours, and so is the Blue Ridge…so no matter when you are here, it’s a good time to visit.  

 Talk again soon!  

 Patty and Dan  

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