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Do you recall the contest we had at the Hummingbird Inn?  The Bird House Painting?  Well, our winner, Barbara Westhoff,  ventured to the Lexington, VA area on a recent trip East, proceeded to transform a bird house into a thing of wonder.  And she did it with buttons!!!

It was during that recent hot spell, and even being from Las Vegas, Barbara set out on her task under less than ideal conditions.

First, it was the roof…. a nice coat of red paint and wow!  It looked like this was going to be a standout.

Then came the buttons. 

Lots of buttons. 

Top and sides.   

Covered in buttons!

The final result brings a smile  to all those who have seen it. 

Don’t miss it the next time you are at the Hummingbird Inn, a Lexington, Va are bed and breakfast, located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.  It will bring a smile…and everyone needs a smile now and then.

We have one more bird house that needs decorating….want to try your hand at it….drop us a line and let us know what your ideas are!!

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