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The first project for the winter at the Hummingbird was to be a new tub in the Alleghany Room.  And a project it was.

We were in New Orleans for the PAII Convention in January, and one of the vendors was Purewater Baths.  They make these very nice whirlpool tubs that have advanced the art of whirl to a new level.  Each of the jets is an individual unit, which means there is no more central pump and circulation tubing.  And what really caught our attention was the ease of cleaning!  And if you have ever cleaned a whirlpool tub, you will understand.  We later found out that these are the tubs used in major hospitals because of their cleanliness!

Anyway, back to the project at hand.

Old Whirlpool Tub in Alleghany Room
Original Alleghany Tub

First, we had to get the old tub out.  No problem.  HA!  Whoever installed the original tub seemed to have built the room around it!  Alleghany Room Tub ready for extraction.Edges of the tub were further back than some of the support studs.  Not good.  After much consideration, we cut a piece out of a wall Where the tub used to be in the Alleghany make room to slide it out!


Took it downstairs Old Tub Going Out and sat it on the porch. Old Tub on Proch

Habitat for Humanity was kind enough to accept the tub for one of their upcoming projects.

And then the new tub went up.  Very pretty.  New Tub Arrives in Alleghany Room Bath

Plumbing alignment was a challenge.  Fixtures that we ordered were not quite right.  Something about hole alignment.  Found new ones on the internet.  Whew!

Tub got placed, finally. New Alleghany Room Tub in Place Filled with water and tested.  Bubbles!!  In the New Alleghany Room Tub  Passed with flying colors.

Then to the cosmetic touches.  Tile replaced.  Front panel rebuilt and updated.  New shower rod….curved no less.

All in all, it turned out very nice.

New Tub in Alleghany Room Alleghany Room Bath

And of course, what with the new tub in the Alleghany, you just have to paint the bathroom.  And if you are doing the bathroom, you really should do the Alleghany bedroom (those pictures in a different post).

That will make 3 of our 5 rooms that have been updated this winter.

Come enjoy the new tub in the Alleghany.  We start the new tub in the Franklin on April 2.  Oh my!

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